For many IATSE employers, stagehand payroll is one of the most tedious and troublesome aspects of their operations.

We have created CurtainTime, a flexible software framework that will save you time, money, and frustration.

CurtainTime streamlines every aspect of your IATSE payroll.

  • Estimate stagehand labor costs for clients or internal budgets.
  • Send labor requests to your local.
  • Track employee time and apply CBA premiums/penalties.
  • Easily settle labor costs with clients and resident companies.
  • Export time and pay details for payroll.
  • Prepare union benefit reports (e.g. Health & Welfare, Retirement/Pension/401K, Training Trust, Dues).
  • Generate cumulative reports for annual budget preparation.

Save the heavy lifting.

CurtainTime saves you countless hours of data entry and mind-bending math.  No more:

  • Manually entering and adjusting time sheets one by one.
  • Re-entering the same information into disconnected systems.
  • Performing complex pay rate calculations (OT, Minimum Call, Meal Penalties, etc.) to comply with your union's CBA.
  • Allocating costs across productions and/or accounting codes for settlement and internal accounting.
  • Correcting time sheet and payroll errors.  

Stop chasing your data.

With CurtainTime, enter information once and it's available to whomever needs it, whenever they need it. Stop wasting time:

  • Wrangling spreadsheets or other files.
  • Searching for historical information to inform client estimates and budgets.
  • Looking up employee historical time and pay information from multiple sources.
  • Digging through piles of spreadsheets or other files to develop annual budgets.

Create a more effective production team.

With a high percentage of Performing Arts Centers reporting plans to hire additional production or operations staff in the next year, increasing efficiency is more important than ever.  CurtainTime can help you:

  • Postpone or avoid hiring additional staff by helping your existing team work more efficiently.  
  • Prevent your staff from needing to jump through hoops to get stagehand payroll processed accurately and on time. 
  • Save your production team's energy and focus for more important work.
  • Delegate certain tasks to less experienced staff, and save your more senior staff for higher level work.

Provide better service for your clients and resident companies.

Your clients often have a choice of venue.  Help them choose yours by making things easy for them.

  • Provide clients with quicker, more accurate estimates, both in advance of the show, or on the fly, as unexpected needs arise during production.
  • Help your clients make better scheduling decisions to avoid paying premium and penalty labor rates.
  • Settle shows more promptly and get paid faster.
  • Give your clients better information about the stagehand labor portion of their invoice/settlement.

Support a great relationship with your union stagehands and your local.

Your relationships with your union and your stagehand employees are important.  With CurtainTime, you can:

  • Comply with your IATSE CBA(s) a fraction of the effort.
  • Avoid unnecessary payroll questions and/or disputes from your union employees.
  • Provide your union employees with detailed time and pay reports.
  • Simplify information reporting to your union local.
  • Have cumulative historical information immediately available when negotiating your CBA.

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Photo credit © Jorge Royan /, via Wikimedia Commons